The social and environmental development of Benito Roggio Ambiental is based on a clear policy which defines commitments undertaken and goals set by the organization.

According to the guidelines included in our Integrated Management System Policy, the development of the activities of Benito Roggio ambiental takes place within the framework of quality system, environment protection, and occupational health and safety of all employees and the environment on the whole.
Benito Roggio ambiental was a pioneer in obtaining the 1997 Certification under the ISO 9002:94 management system as a Multisite Corporate Certificate. In 2003 the update of the quality management system was successfully performed through a new multisite certification under the ISO 9000:2000 Standards.
In addition to operating in accordance with the Corporate Integrated Management System, the companies that make up Benito Roggio Ambiental have quality standards, validated by the relevant certification organizations which regularly audit and assess their operations according to the requirements of the International Standards.